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Given the upcoming Olympics in London in a few weeks, I thought it was prime time for me to start canvasing for my plight to include “birdy gymnastics” as part of the next summer games. I really don’t see why the Olympic Committees shouldn’t consider the hopes and dreams of animals such as myself. We too have wants and aspirations for greatness! Why discount us!

I don’t see myself trying out for the balance beam or the floor routine… after all, I am pigeon-toed — often fumbling over my own feet. I could train for the vault — I can sure leap (although I might get disqualified because I do tend to use my wings a wee bit to help with the launch), but I think I am most proficient at the rings.

I performed spectacularly at my home house event in the mid-2000s as shown below.

Gymnastics warm-up (Rings Event)
At Home Gymnastics Competition

9.755 on the rings

I took up the sport again recently, to see if I still had what it takes. Check it out for yourselves… you be the judge! I think experience has allowed me to refine my skills and improve my creativity. In this photo I even managed to put my beak into it!!!

If anything, they should have an animal “parkour” event featured. You have already seen how I can flutter around without being full flighted, but I bet that you don’t often find psittas running and jumping like this….

Parkour the fridge… you should see what I can do if let free outside!

Will you sign my petition to have animal events to be included in future Olympic Games?