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I have watched mom paint pictures and the house, and am completely fascinated by the wide array of colour she uses.

Instead of asking her for my own set of paints, which of course, she would never give me even if I asked (number one, because they can be toxic and messy; and number two… because I am a white bird and she doesn’t want anyone to mistake me for those colourful parrots), I decided that I would come up with my own multi-media/textural form of artistic impression.

I actually used the same canvas I have used many times before. I believe in conservation and re-use being eco-minded as I am.

I fully expected my mom to be completely supportive of my new interest but what I call “art” she calls “a mess…that will require extensive ‘rework'”

2014-02-16 16.09.43

The next Dali perhaps? Doesn’t it sort of look like Italy that has fallen on its side?

You be the judge of my most recent “wall art”.