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…with a little turbo boost from my strong pectoral muscles and wings, to bound me onto the kitchen counter from the metal bars of my cage.

I am a bit older than I was when I did my parkour exercise in an attempt to get birdy Olympics recognized (the IOC by the way never even responded to my request!) which is why I just keep to bounding onto the counter rather than the fridge door handle. Besides, the whole purpose is to create delight (through sight and sound) by throwing things onto the floor and making a big mess and then bound back to the cage so that when mom comes in to investigate, she can see that the excitement was caused by a ghost instead of a white bird.

When she leaves the kitchen, I will usually chase after the object on the floor, rendering a fight as she tries to get me to release it and give it back to her. She usually manages to distract me after great effort, so that she can grab whatever shiny, loud object that has just grabbed my fancy. Often, it is a knife from the drainboard. Heck, if I can manage to get away with throwing at least three knives on the floor before mom notices, I can start to practice my juggling act! Have you ever seen a parrot juggle knives? Maybe there is hope for me yet!

I was really lucky a couple of weeks back. Mom tends to forget how sneaky I can be. I decided that since she so frequently taunts me with her baking and fails to give me any of the spoils, I would not leave those yummy carrot muffins left on the counter untouched as I have done so many times before. PSYCH!!! Yes, I took a huge bite and threw it on the floor for later!

She was not too happy with me but THAT, seems to be a common refrain from her. She is so difficult to please. Hmmm…. maybe if I say, “please”… perhaps I’ll give that a try!