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What else would you expect me to say after using my trade (plucking — a.k.a. hairdressing for birds) on my beloved Sydney. Yes, I changed her from a “blue” headed Pionus to a skinhead!!!!

Converted blue-head

Converted blue-head

I take my artistic talent seriously. When I do a job, I make sure I do it well!

Some people will lash out at me saying I am mean, cruel and violent. Not true. Sydney even bows down her head or pushes her head into my beak so that I can preen her. It’s not my fault that despite the same result over and over again, she fails to recognize that I take preening to the extreme!

Estheticians shape eyebrows in humans so  why can’t I highlight ear-holes?

I am a bit of a neurotic bird, it’s true, but habits are sure difficult to break. Mom tries to stop me but I am way too quick for her to successfully intervene at times!!! Ten for me, one for her!