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Bird in the hand

Bird in the hand

…would be worth two in the bush…if mom’s hand had the necessary parts.

I know, some of you are saying, “ewww” but you have no idea how it is for us birds during the springtime. I can’t help myself.

Mom is so very happy that we are approaching fall and that despite my humble ancestral origins being from the Southern Hemisphere, I have adapted to the Northern Hemisphere’s seasons (i.e., it is approaching fall here; spring down south).

I am molting now though…on to a new complaint from mom…a big mess of stray feathers all over the place! If we had another cover on top of our couch we could make it a down pillow top. I am losing more of the bigger feathers now as well. I really need new feathers as my old ones get so distressed from all the nest building I do!

2013-12-23 18.58.04– Nice not to have to build it from scratch!

Creating a mess has its consequences. It means that she has to pull out that big red monster that has snake-like parts and makes a lot of noise to clean up more often than normal. She calls it a vaccuum cleaner.

That thing scares the bezedgers out of me. I scream so loud! My anxiety continues well after the monster stops hissing and disappears from my direct view. It is such a negative downward spiral….sigh…

molt >>> feathers >>> mess >>> red snake >>> screaming >>> angry parents!!!