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….the competition! Ha! Ha! I bet you thought I was going to write a post about bodily functions!

I know people (and especially my mom) wishes that I was always so lovey dovey. Truth be told, the reason behind my “use and be rid of” is to allow me to be more loving to mom by getting Sydney out of the way.

In my mind, “Psittacide” is okay if it serves my purpose. Sydney is great when I feel randy… [Note: the following video may not be suitable for all audiences – the “birds” component of the “birds and the bees” is strongly depicted]

but I really don’t like it when she takes away even a tiny bit of my mom’s affection, hence, “use and be rid of”.

I like to keep mom on her toes and sucking up so that she lets down her guard and increases her trust towards me before launching an attack. This goes to show that you can never be complacent around white birds! We may look like angels but we are anything but.

No Green birds were injured in this video despite the extreme violence being depicted as videographer interceded after the white bird turned [emphasis added by the overseeing bird mom].