I have been really mad at mom lately. Ever since she got a job, I am not able to talk to her during the day or to coax a little mid-day out time because she isn’t at home. I hate going into the cage.

Every day a I fight her as she attaches the metal chain from the door latch to the bars on the cage to prevent me from lifting up the latch and sliding it out from the socket, so that I can push the door open with my beak and clamor out of the cage.

2015-08-26 20.27.26

I usually make a fuss and try to bite her or…. succumb to bribery with a piece of corn-quinoa pasta which keeps me away from her delicate fingers. Sometimes, however, as I have recently learned from the self-help shows mom watches, it is better not to fight as the non-adversarial approach often leads to a positive outcome.

Well… last Friday, I used that approach and to my delight, it worked marvelously. Mom was no bit the wiser until she came from work.

2015-08-26 20.26.43 2015-08-26 20.26.49

Yes, I was quiet, and she forgot to latch up the cage and I let myself out to play! Play for me is synonymous with destruction — I decided to peel away the other part of the kitchen wall…. virgin wall… mmmmmmm

I also threw Syd’s dishes to the floor and let her out too. She gets very nervous when I do that. I opened her main door too and went in her cage… she left and climbed up the trellis in the other room. I decided to keep her intact this time.

Mom was livid when she got home and saw me sitting on my cage door and looked at the wall and all the work she’ll have to do to make it look nice again….nice enough for me to destroy at my next opportunity to do so.