Foraging Toys that Work (and those that don’t)

This review is only based on my personal “beaking”.  Toys that don’t work for me, might in fact work for you. If you are a Goffin’s, you might want to take my advice and try the ones that worked for me first.

Foraging toys that work (for me)

Treasure box

At first I was just plain frustrated with this toy.  I couldn’t quite figure out. In time, however, I FIGURED IT OUT!!! I have become a modern-day feathered Houdini bird! I can open up the treasure chest in about 5 seconds flat. The issue now is for my mom because once I manage to open the Treasure Chest, I fling it back and forth onto the cage walls and scream to the top of my air sacs. She then needs to gingerly distract me and take it out of the cage without getting bit if she hopes for some peace and quiet.

Buffet ball

My mom first got this one with the cage attachment.  That didn’t work so well because I figured out how to turn the contraption upside down and take it off its holder. That just meant that I would make a racket by throwing and banging it on the cage floor.

Then she decided to set things up differently. Mom threaded chain through the ball and hung it from outside the cage. It now hangs a few inches from the outside of the cage. But alas, you would think that it would be impossible for me to break this open from outside the cage but NO WAY!  I stick my leg out, grab it and open it with my beak so that a walnut falls out. I then even manage to crack the walnut open while I am inside the cage (with the nut outside). Once cracked in half, I can take it inside my cage and enjoy. I have to work at it a bit but even this has become easy over time!

Rings of Fortune

This one is a staple for me. Mom puts Nutriberries inside (mmmmm…) — at least one at each level – and I have to move each level into alignment so that the berry falls to the bottom. Pretty easy though. Us Goffin’s are masters at figuring things out

Crazy Leather Box

This is another one that can only stay in the cage for a short while. Mom reconfigured this toy by tying leather laces and wrapping chain through the holes at the top to keep the contraption together. I undo (or chew through) the leather laces rather quickly but figuring out how to undo the chain is sometimes a little trickier. Once I get inside, I get to riffle through shredded paper and find the embedded treat. I get to treasure hunt which is a lot of fun!

Pocket chewer

This one serves as my main feeder.  I have managed to dismantle pretty much every other type of feeder and I mean dismantle. The label may say (indestructible) but that is just a falsehood.  I can figure out how to destroy it. This leather feeder hangs from the top of the cage and is usually filled with Zupreem pellets.

These are called “Jungle Pockets”. They are easily destroyed and must be replaced.  That is the point of them though.  I love ’em. Mom usually hides pieces of spaghetti and/or an almond in it.  She hangs the pocket from the cage ceiling making me contort to get at it!

Foraging toys that are fun to dismantle
(they aren’t meant to be taken apart though)

Big drawers

It’s not so much that this foraging feeder isn’t good but I derive so much pleasure from dismantling things.  So….I simply unhinge the feeder from the support and the whole feeder falls to the floor.  Then I just throw it around and make a huge mess! Lots of fun for me but I end up getting kind of hungry!

Wheel of Fortune

I loved this one and it was very functional… for a while.  Why? For the same reason as the drawers.  I figured out how to detach the contraption from the cagemount and the whole thing falls to the floor where I get to throw it around and make a huge mess!


This barrel is made kind of flimsy, I broke after only having it for a very short while.

This one was great once again to start but I bit off the plastic part in the centre so the whole feeder could be lifted up and throw to the floor. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like to destroy things and make lots of noise and a big mess in the process!!!

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